The Delights of Peg Solitaire - John Beasley



The Delights of Peg Solitaire by John Beasley

For mathematical game enthusiasts, the 33-hole Peg Solitaire board presents many intriguing and difficult problems, far more fascinating than the simple problems set out in manufacturers' instructions, and behind these problems lies interesting mathematical theory. Beasley, an internationally known expert on Peg Solitaire, surveys the history of the game, shows how to play it simply and well, and explains the theory behind it. Includes over 400 problems on over 50 different boards.

John Beasley is a retired freelance computing expert who has studied Peg Solitaire since 1960 and made many original discoveries about the game. He has also composed and published over 50 chess problems and endgame studies, and represented Great Britain in two World Chess Solving Championships in 1977 and 1978.

Hardback, 192 pages

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