The Easiest Sicilian - Atanas Kolev and Trajko Nedev



The Easiest Sicilian - Atanas Kolev and Trajko Nedev
The Easiest Sicilian
by Atanas Kolev and Trajko Nedev

The book presents a Black repertoire with 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 Nc6, based on the most aggressive Sveshnikov lines. It also covers The Rossolimo (3 Bb5) and Alapin (3 c3).The material is completely up-to-date with games that were only played in April 2008!

The authors propose major novelties in practically all topical lines. The repertoire avoids solid, but passive variations. Instead, they are left as backup lines with the authors preferring to recommend the more challenging options."Currently I do not see any serious theoretical problems for Black" claims Kolev in the foreword.

Chess Stars, 240 pages, paperback

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