The French Defense Revisited - Jacimovic & Zlatanovic

Binding: Paperback


The French Defense Revisited by D. Jacimovic & B. Zlatanovic
A practical guide for Black

For almost two centuries the French Defense has been a universally popular opening. Many authorities have made their contribution to establishing the theory. Thanks to their efforts, players nowadays can easily make a choice between the many and various options, whether peaceful or sharp, whether statically or dynamically orientated. Just as importantly, if not more so, fans of the French worldwide can today find good options to play both for a win and a draw! All this makes the French Defense very popular. However, the authors think that many lines have not been well explained or should be revisited. Some other lines deserve a better reputation.

Finally we have also suggested some new approaches. Simply speaking, the French Defense looks to be inexhaustible and there cannot be enough books dedicated to it. This book takes a step in the direction of revitalizing our favorite opening!

The authors have decided to set the book in order from the less to the more popular and complex lines. In the case of the most popular moves 3. e5, 3. Nd2 and 3. Nc3, we decided to offer two options for Black – one aims to lead to calm play, taking care first with finding balance and equalizing; the other aims to lead to a direct game. Needless to say, we wish to arm the reader in all scenarios that can arise in a practical game of chess, depending on their intentions, wishes, preparation, motivation level, and standings etc.

ISBN: Paperback 9789464201802 / Hardback 9789464201925, Thinkers Publishing


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