The Modernized Sicilian Kan - Adrien Demuth



The Modernized Sicilian Kan by Adrien Demuth

When you are building your repertoire you have many choices available against 1.e4. Everyone knows the Sicilian is the most dangerous reply but there are so many choices! Most of them are highly theoretical such as the Najdorf or the Dragon. Some are very difficult to understand from a positional and dynamical point of view. The Kalashnikov and the Sveshnikov are two good examples, without even mentioning the amount of theory.

The Sicilian Kan came as a very serious option and better to address the most difficult lines first to prove that Black gets playable positions, and then take care of the less challenging lines. This approach allows you to have an idea of the typical positions and then compare it with the less usual lines so you may understand why the sidelines are not as good.

This book will help you build a strong understanding of the Kan Sicilian and that it will bring you some nice results.

ISBN 9789464201383, Paperback, 260 pages, Thinkers Publishing

Teaser [PDF] – The Modernized Sicilian Kan

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