The Nimzo-Indian Rubinstein - Angus Dunnington



The Nimzo-Indian Rubinstein by Angus Dunnington

The ever popular main lines with 4 e3

The Nimzo-Indian Defence continues to be one of Black's most popular and respected defences to queen's pawn openings and finding an antidote for White has proved to be a difficult task for even the strongest players in the world. One of the most straight forward replies is the Rubinstein Variation (4 e3), in which White ignores Black's 'threats' and instead simply gets on with the process of developing his remaining pieces; indeed, World Champion Vladimir Kramnik used it to defeat Garry Kasparov in just 25 moves in their 2000 match in London.

In this book, renowned openings theoretician Angus Dunnington explains the ideas and strategies for both white and black players. All the major variations are covered and Dunnington brings the reader up-to-date with the ever developing theory.

  • Written by a leading openings expert
  • Full coverage of all the major variations
  • Deals with one of the most fashionable lines of the Nimzo
About the Author
Angus Dunnington is an experienced International Master who is renowned for his clear positional style of play. Dunnington is also a successful chess teacher, who has coached many of Britain's top junior players. Earlier works of his include Attacking with 1 d4 and Can you be a Positional Chess Genius?

ISBN: 9781857442793, 160 pages, Paperback, Everyman Chess

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