The Queen's Bishop Attack Revealed - James Plaskett



The Queen's Bishop Attack Revealed - James Plaskett

The Queen's Bishop Attack Revealed - James Plaskett

Paperback, 224 pages

The Queens Pawn Attack has been a speciality of English chess players for some years. The opening encapsulates the English chess-playing spirit: bold, enterprising and slightly off-beat. The third in the innovative Revealed series, this is the first book to ever tackle this cutting-edge opening. Using fresh, clear presentation, the key ideas of the openings are explained in an entertaining and accessible way. The aim of the series is to provide the essential knowledge to play the opening, while at the same time revealing the current thinking of the worlds current elite players. For example, First moves leads readers through basic opening moves. Heroes and zeros gives the best and worst performances with the opening and features some of its leading exponents. Tricks and traps shows how you might catch out your opponent. Whats hot pinpoints the very latest ideas from the worlds top players. Detailed variations are given at the close of the book.

ISBN-13: 978-0713489705, Batsford

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