The Right Way to Play Bridge - Paul Mendelson



The Right Way to Play Bridge - Paul Mendelson
The Right Way to Play Bridge by Paul Mendelson
The complete reference to successful Acol bidding and key principles of play

Paperback, 224 pages

This book shows you how to improve your bridge at both a social and competitive level. Clear examples explain the detail of modern Acol bidding. This will enable the reader to plan and reassess their campaign step-by-step and calculate with precision who holds which cards. Guidance is also given on how and when to obstruct or bluff, how to pinpoint the best leads and steal the best contracts, and ways to think strategically under pressure. Unique at-the-table charts - designed to foster partnership understanding used appropriately at home, club or class - summarise key bids.

About the Author
Paul Mendelson, was formerly Financial Times' bridge correspondent and is now a leading author on both bridge and poker. As an online poker player, Paul plays approximately 20-30 hours per week and regularly arranges poker events both privately and for clubs, including the Roehampton, Royal Mid-Surrey and Richmond clubs.

ISBN-13: 978-0716021964, Right Way

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