The Sinquefield Chess Generation: Young Guns at Work - Alex Colovic

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The Sinquefield Chess Generation by Alex Colovic
Young Guns at Work

“To write proper “characteristics”, I had to go over hundreds of games of each player. I wanted to learn what they liked and disliked, how they reacted in different situations, what was their preferred way of playing, how they handled themselves. During the first “scan”, I went relatively quickly over the games, writing down the impression from each game. This is what Botvinnik did when analyzing Bronstein’s play before their match in 1951. I continued with the scan until the moment when I felt that I had “understood” the player. Then I returned to the games that were most relevant for their “characteristics” and I analyzed them deeply.” ~ Alex Colovic 

Paperback, 274 pages Thinkers Publishing

Teaser [PDF] – Alex Colovic – The Sinquefield Chess Generation – Young Guns at Work


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