The Sniper: Play 1...g6, ...Bg7 and ...c5! - Charlie Storey



The Sniper: Play 1...g6, ...Bg7 and ...c5! - Charlie Storey
The Sniper: Play 1...g6, ...Bg7 and ...c5! - Charlie StoreyIN STOCK NOW!Paperback, 192 pagesThe Sniper - based on a system of development with 1...g6, ...Bg7 and ...c5! - is a dynamic weapon for Black against both 1 e4 and 1 d4. Black allows White to occupy the centre but, in true hypermodern style, strikes back at once. The Sniper is a fascinating opening that can lead to original or barely-known positions in which White is thrown onto his own resources and Black can strive for the initiative. White also has to negotiate a minefield of transpositions, typically into Sicilian, King's Indian or Benko-type positions.Charlie Storey has spent years refining his favourite opening, successfully testing it out against Grandmasters and club players. In this book he reveals all his secrets and provides you with everything you need to know about this fascinating opening. A repertoire for Black against White's main openings Packed full of imaginative and original ideas Explains typical plans and tactics for both sidesCharlie Storey is a FIDE Master, the 2008 British Rapidplay Champion and the winner of over 60 open tournaments in the UK. He has been teaching chess for over 15 years and is the author of The National Chess Syllabus.

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