The Taimanov Bible - Ivanisevic, Perunovic & Markus [1st edition]



The Taimanov Bible - Ivanisevic, Perunovic & Markus

Paperback, 450 pages

The Taimanov has become one of the most popular and complicated Sicilian variations. Nearly all top players have made good use of this flexible and positional way of handling this Sicilian. Our Serbian authors have provided a complete manual with their extensive 'over the board' experience. Their many interesting combative new ideas tackle the most dangerous and boring lines you may encounter.

In addition to the basic Taimanov ideas, the authors followed in an original manner two main concepts:
  1. ‘almost never play an early …d6’ (Scheveningen style)
  2. ‘push …h5 whenever you can’ (Paulsen style).
At the end of the book they carefully selected some practical exercises, enabling you to even improve your knowledge of this up-to-date Taimanov Bible. A must read for either player defending the White or Black side.

Thinkers Publishing

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