Top of the Pops Party Game



Top of the Pops Party Game

Hey pop-pickers, get ready to play a throwback music party game based on all the music you tuned in to watch and listen to on Top of the Pops. This isn’t a trivia game, so you don’t need to know obscure facts about Boney M’s back catalogue or anything like that. Just form two teams and prepare to take each other on across two pop-tastic rounds: The Head-to-Head Showdown and Triple Charades Jeopardy.

Why you'll love this game
It’s Thursday night, it’s Top of the Pops!: This game is like jumping in a time machine and beaming yourself straight back to the golden years of TOTP. If you loved the music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, you’ll love this game. We’ve even put in some artists that hit the bigtime after the show ended for the youngsters!

Time to shine!: In this game, each member of the team gets their moment in the spotlight. Don’t worry, you don’t need the lungs of Whitney Houston, in fact you don’t even have to sing at all because we’ve given each team a kazoo to annoy your neighbours with.

Play, Rewind, Repeat: Unlike a trivia game where you burn through the questions and can’t play them again, TOTP can be replayed over and over. Just like a good song.  

 - 200 Cards
 - 2 Kazoos
 - 1 Electronic Timer
 - 1 Game Board

Players: 3+ | Time: 30mins | Age: 14+ | Size: 240 x 240 x 60 mm

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