Tournament Battle Plan - Daniel Gormally

Binding: Paperback


Tournament Battle Plan 
by GM David Gormally

An emphasis on technical play and how to win won positions. Not winning won positions can be infuriating right? During this tournament battle manual the author discusses that part of the game that amateur players often struggle with which is the technical side of the game.

Daniel gives tips on how to improve on that while at the same time discussing some well-known and some not so well known endings; What you need to do to prepare for tournaments. Are you spending too long on preparation and tiring yourself out? Or are you not preparing for long enough? How important is modern opening theory, why certain openings are fashionable and why some have fallen out of fashion. An underrated subject in the view- physical fitness. Daniel recently started going to fitness classes and has made him realize why lower-rated players often struggle with their chess while professionals can make it look easier

The author talks about subjects that seem incidental to tournament play to some but in his opinion are becoming increasingly important in these financially difficult times; like booking hotels, travel etc.

At the end of the book is the explosive Hastings diary, where he gives a blow by blow account of what it is like to prepare for an international tournament. These and other subjects will hopefully be put together to assemble a battle manual that the reader will find useful and will help them to improve their results.

Hardback or Paperback, 355 pages, Thinkers Publishing

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