Traditional Staunton 3.75" Ebonised Chess Set (Board & Pieces)

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Traditional Staunton 3.75" Ebonised Chess Set (Board & Pieces)

This classic wooden combination is the perfect set for players who are investing in their first wooden chess set. The Traditional Staunton Ebonised chess pieces are paired with our regular wooden sapele & mahogany board. A simple, classic Staunton style set of pieces which are made from natural boxwood. Perfect for those looking for full tournament size style and quality chess pieces.

King Height: 3.75 Inch / 95mm
King Base Diameter: 36mm
Light Pieces: Boxwood
Dark Pieces: Stained Boxwood
Suggested Board Square size: 50mm
Base: Felted 

Included with these Pieces is our Regular 1 Chess Board
Sapele and Sycamore Board with Sapele Edging

Our most popular chessboard. Featuring Sapele and Sycamore veneers, this board combines well with almost any style of chess pieces, making it a perfect introductory chess board. 50mm squares, suitable for 3.75" King height pieces. Overall board dimensions: 480mm x 480mm x 13mm

This makes a wonderful gift for any keen chess enthusiast or to encourage players to study the game further. 

Optional Extra:

Standard Wooden Chess Box - Medium
Burlwood box with black velvet style lining and central divider. Perfect for storing your chess pieces safely when not in use. 

Measures: 240 x 150 x 85mm. Fits King height up to 3.75"

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