Typical Opening Mistakes - Ruslan Ponomariov

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Typical Opening Mistakes by Ruslan Ponomariov

It’s human nature to make mistakes. In Chess, an early mistake can lose you the game instantly, or at the least, lead to a long-term disadvantage. Avoiding mistakes in the opening and even learning from mistakes is a valuable tool to improve your chess.

Chess is a complex game. You will not find an answer for each possible move, but Ruslan Ponomariov, former FIDE World Champion, demonstrates basic patterns that will help you navigate through the game more easily. Focusing on the most important things - the themes are universal - thus helpful for a beginner, amateur, chess coach or professional. All examples are taken from Ponomariov’s long career. Don’t put it off - learn from the best and move forward to chess improvement! Themes include: Weak opening preparation, Overpreparation, What to do with opening surprises, Development, Safety of the king, Importance of the centre, Pseudo-activity, Good and bad openings, Importance of pawn structure, Playing against the opponent.

• Video running time: 7 hours 21 minutes
• With interactive training including video feedback

Including download & stream for iPad, tablet etc:can be unlocked with imprinted key

About the Author
Born in Horlivka on 11 October 1983, Ruslan Ponomariov became the youngest grandmaster in the world in 1998. With a peak rating of 2764, achieved in July 2011, Ponomariov can pride himself on a long list of professional achievements, including individual triumphs in Dortmund, Pamplona and San Sebastián, as well as gold medals with the Ukrainian team at the 2004 and 2010 Chess Olympiads, played in Calvia and Khanty- Mansiysk respectively. Notwithstanding, perhaps Ponomariov is best known for his excellent results in knockout events, including his first place at the 2002 FIDE World Chess Championship, when he defeated compatriot Vasyl Ivanchuk in the final to become the youngest ever FIDE World Champion at 18.

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