Vlastimil Hort: Legendary Chess Careers - Tibor Károlyi



Vlastimil Hort: Legendary Chess Careers by Tibor Károlyi

Paperback, 126 pages

In this book, the author drives you through the very rich chess career of Vlastimil Hort while interviewing him. This unique concept makes the book easy to read and gives the reader some inside information about what is happening also off the board, things you normally don't get to know about.

Grandmaster Vlastimil Jansa on Vlastimil Hort:
"In my opinion V. Hort was one of the cleverest players in the world. He was a very universal player. He was probably not exceptional in strategy or tactics, but very well balanced in all aspects of the game. Because of this he was always able to change his style to meet new opponents by playing more psycological chess".

ISBN: 978-83-944290-5-8, Chess Evolution

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