What Would You Play? - Thomas Willemze



What Would You Play? by Thomas Willemze
Test Your Chess and Improve Your Decision-Making

The best chess training closely resembles the activity you're training for. This book provides you with an essential component - decision-making in the crucial positions of a real game of chess, played by club players rather than grandmasters. You have to answer the same questions that you face when you stare at the chess board and have to find a move.

Amateur games can be very instructive. Studying the games of top players will undoubtedly help you to improve. However, it is often more enlightening to make decisions or see mistakes at a lower level, as they are easier for most of us to relate to.

Thomas Willemze has carefully selected thirty games that illustrate an important theme, for example:

  • The Centre
  • King Safety
  • Space Advantage
  • Dealing with irreversible moves
  • Rerouting your rooks
  • Aligning your bishop and pawns
  • Converting a long-term advantage
  • Taming the London

Willemze is a master at choosing just the right positions to help you improve your chess knowledge and understanding.

Thomas Willemze is an experienced chess trainer and International Master from the Netherlands. All thirty games in What Would You Play have been published in New In Chess magazine. Willemze has written five books for New In Chess, all of which are available as courses on Chessable.

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Paperback | Pages: 230 | ISBN: 9789083382708 | New in Chess

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