Why the board came to be? (Poems of Why) - L M Sparks



Why the board came to be? (Poems of Why) - L M Sparks
Why the board came to be? (Poems of Why)
written by Lateefah Messam-Sparks, illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills

The sun hated the moon. The moon hated the sun. Neither knew why. It was just how it was. Their hatred blinded them from what was good. The good turned bad, and then disaster struck. The sun and the moon had to make a change, but not all things can go back to its starting place.

The Poems of Why reveal the eight untold stories of chess. The first story in the series is why the chess board came to be?

Suitable for 4 years and up to introduce them to the idea of the game of chess.

*please note this book is not instructional

ISBN-13: 978-1999924607, Paperback, L. M. Sparks

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