Winning Chess Strategy for Kids - Jeff Coakley



Winning Chess Strategy for Kids - Jeff Coakley
Winning Chess Strategy for Kids - Jeff Coakley

Paperback, 243 pages

Winning Chess Strategy For Kids is a fun and comprehensive chess course written for children 7 to 13 years old. Full of original material and entertaining art work, its a perfect guide for children to learn the royal game. Parents and teachers are sure to like it too.

The book begins on square one, covering the rules, basic mates and elementary tactics. It then leads the student through a whole range of advanced strategies, including piece development, pawn structure and attacking the castled king. Opening principles, middlegame plans and endgame techniques are all explained in clear and simple language. Separate sections throughout the book are devoted to combinations and terminology.

Whether kids are learning chess for recreation or are interested in playing competitively, Winning Chess Strategy For Kids will help them understand the game better and enjoy it more.

About the Author
Jeff Coakley is a nationally rated chess master and one of Canada's leading coaches. He has taught chess for over 25 years, in Toronto, throughout Atlantic Canada, and on the internet. Many of his students have been national champions and have competed successfully in international youth events. He is also the editor of Scholar's Mate magazine and an active organiser of scholastic chess tournaments.

ISBN: 978-1-895525-05-2, Chess'n Math Association

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