Workbook On The Two Over One System - Mike Lawrence



Workbook On The Two Over One System - Mike Lawrence
Workbook On The Two Over One System by Mike Lawrence

Paperback, 190 pages

Forty years ago, the system of choice was four card majors, new suits forcing, and go as you please guessing. The current system of choice for most experienced players today is the Two Over One system.

You open one spade with the following hand. Your partner responds with two diamonds. What is your rebid?


In standard bidding, you more or less have to bid three spades for fear that a two spade bid would be passed out. Playing Two Over One methods, you can rebid two spades with the comfort that the bidding will continue.

This is a book for players who want to be in the right games and who want to bid all of their slams. You need a little of bit of scientist in your blood to play this system, but the effort will be worth the effort if you like to bid accurately.

ISBN: 978-0-939400-00-7, Devyn Press

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