World Chess Bauhaus Chess Board



World Chess Bauhaus Chess Board

The company’s biggest merchandising hit, the official Championship Set, while being the favorite among elite chess players, is too big for an average apartment. This new  beautiful Bauhaus board, solves the size issue while remaining as cool as a chess board can get. 

The design of the board is inspired by the Bauhaus tradition. It does not have a full-size border, making it very precise and geometric. The color of the board is striking: deep dark shades complement the pieces. This board design has been introduced by World Chess in 2022. It was manufactured from high-quality MDF and walnut. The classic World Chess hexagon is silk-printed on both sides.

— Walnut veneered MDF board

— Square size 4.5х4.5 cm, the board size is 38x38 cm with the borders 0.7 cm

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