World Chess Travel Chess Set



World Chess Travel Chess Set

The official World Chess Travel Set is a fine quality magnetic travel set that is a pleasure to use.

This chess set is inspired by the iconic World Chess design, is handmade, and provides convenience and portability without compromising on the quality of gameplay. It will become your perfect travel companion wherever you go. The travel chess set is designed by World Chess to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store. Pieces are made out of boxwood, the board is walnut and maple.

It’s magnetic. This allows you to play chess without worrying about the pieces getting displaced, making it perfect for travel and outdoor use. The pieces are designed with magnetized bottoms to adhere firmly to the magnetic board. The felt on the bottom of the pieces and inside the box has a black color traditional for all World Chess sets which makes the item look very elegant and chic.

— Board size 12'x12' inches (31x31 cm)
— Square size 1.2'x1.2' inches (3.1x3.1 cm)
— King height 2.2' inches (5.5 cm),
— Total weight of the set is 1.3 kilos
— Extra queens included
— Material: boxwood (pieces), walnut/maple (chessboard) 

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