Your Kingdom For My Horse: When To Exchange in Chess - Andrew Soltis



Your Kingdom For My Horse: When To Exchange in Chess - Andrew Soltis
Your Kingdom for My Horse by Andrew Soltis
When to Exchange in Chess
tips to improve your chess strategy

Paperback, 208 pages
  • Covers a much neglected chess topic – exchanging or trading pieces.
  • Explains when you should and should not exchange pieces.
  • Makes clear the objectives of specific piece swaps.
  • Offers plenty of practical tips and advice for players of all strengths.
  • Presents illustrative examples from actual play annotated in Andrew
    Soltis's instructive and readable style
The great Mikhail Botvinnik, world champion said: 'The foundation of chess is
exchanging/' Knowing when and what to exchange or trade in chess is essential
to improve your game, and this is the only book to help you do that.

In chess an exchange or trade of chessmen is a series of closely related moves,
typically sequential, in which the two players capture each other’s pieces. All
chess pieces may be exchanged or captured in an exchange – apart from the
king which however can capture an opponent’s piece. Either the player of the
white or the black pieces may make the first capture of the other player's piece
in an exchange, followed by the other player capturing a piece of the first
player, often referred to as a recapture. These maneouvres happen throughout
chess, but understanding when and how to do this to your best advantage can
improve your game significantly.

Written by the hugely popular chess writer, Andrew Soltis, My Kingdom for a
Horse tells you whether you should exchange your bishop for a knight, which
pair of bishops you should exchange, when you should keep rooks on the board
and when should you refuse to trade anything.

This unique book will provide the answers on an important and integral part of
chess strategy.

About the Author
International Grandmaster Andrew Soltis is chess correspondent for the New
York Post and a very popular chess writer. He is the author of many books
including The Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess, Transpo Tricks in Chess and
How to Choose a Chess Move.

ISBN 13: 9781849942775, Pavilion

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