It's All In The Game: The Fun Side of Winning Bridge - Bob Ewen & Jeff Rubens



It's All In The Game - Bob Ewen & Jeff Rubens
It's All In The Game by Bob Ewen & Jeff Rubens
The Fun Side of Winning Bridge

Paperback, 235 pages

Bridge can be a serious game, but it is often wild, wacky and downright fun! In this humorous book, Bob Ewen and Jeff Rubens present some of the funniest bridge stories ever. The bridge is top-notch, and the zany cast of characters and their escapades are unforgettable. Come join them and take a look into the fun side of winning bridge!

About the Authors
Bob Ewen and Jeff Rubens had their first major bridge success as partners in 1958, winning the National Intercollegiate Championship. They have since won numerous bridge titles, both separately and together, including major national championships. They have written hundreds of articles on a wide variety of bridge topics. Ewen's books include Opening Leads, which was continuously in print for many decades and is widely regarded as an all-classic. Rubens has written books including The Secrets of Winnning Bridge and Expert Bridge Simplified and is the editor of The Bridge World magazine. He was elected to the Bridge Hall of Fame in 2004.

ISBN: 9780975341957, Bridge World Books

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