The Green Bridge Book - Edmund Sixsmith



The Green Bridge Book - Edmund Sixsmith
The Green Bridge Book - Edmund Sixsmith
For people who are content to be social bridge players

Paperback, 144 pages

Experts will be dismayed by this book.... but may give it to they loved ones who have so far declined to learn the game. It is hoped this book will make you laugh, but its passionate purpose is to prick the pomposity of prescriptive players and trumpet the virtues of simple natural bidding. Play for fun.
  • planning the play - 20 concepts
  • an easy way to count
  • keep rats off lead
  • the seven(teen) deadly sins
  • dealing with monsters
  • the irish no-trump
  • three-handed bullies
  • playing for money
  • bidding glossary explained
About the Author
Edmund Sixsmith has played bridge from an early age and has been teaching class of beginners and aspiring social bridge players on Tuesday evenings each winter for years. Hundreds of 'graduates' can testify to his robust methods (and to his wife's cooking). He is not an expert player but believes this may be an advantage teaching social bridge players.

Formerley Edmund's Bridge Book - now expanded

ISBN: 978-0-9557643-1-8,

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