Modern Chess: From Steinitz to the 21st Century - Craig Pritchett



Modern Chess: From Steinitz to the 21st Century by Craig Pritchett

‘I as though traced the evolution of chess thought and repeated its basic steps in my own development … convinced that any player with high ambition should follow such a path’ ~ Vassily Smyslov, 125 Selected Games (1983)

Take note of Vassily Smyslov’s wise words. Recalling a period of intense study in his father’s chess library, Smyslov stressed that, without obtaining an understanding of the ways in which chess has developed over time, no aspiring player is ever likely to achieve his or her fullest potential. What went for Smyslov also applies to all of the inspirational players who appear in this book. Today’s top players still borrow from the best games and ideas of past generations. Do join them!

This book takes the reader on a journey from early 19th century developments in the game up to the present-day. It takes in the revolutionary Wilhelm Steinitz’s early summation and establishment of a firm positional basis for chess and the considerable contributions made by all of the subsequent world champions and certain other great players.

The author reflects on all sixteen 'classical' world champions and others, notably: C-L. M. de la Bourdonnais, Adolf Anderssen, Paul Morphy, Siegbert Tarrasch, Aron Nimzowitsch, Richard Reti, Judit Polgar and the contemporary Artificial Intelligence phenomenon, Alpha Zero. Be inspired by this exploration of the 'modern' game's roots and trajectory.

ISBN: 9789464201437, Paperback, 324 pages, Thinkers Publishing

Teaser [PDF] – Modern Chess – From Steinitz to the 21st Century

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