The Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alekhine and Capablanca - Bossi & Brovelli



The Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alekhine and Capablanca
by Allesandro Bossi & Claudio Brovelli

The value of this volume lies also in the parts where Bossi and Brovelli, with painstaking accuracy, have quoted both direct impressions of the two protagonists (interviews, articles, letters and quotations from their works) and evaluations (in the comments and memories of their contemporaries). In such a way, a contest of wider significance is described, which helps in understanding the characters, the period and the specific contexts.

ISBN: 9789464201567, Paperback, 308 pages, Thinkers Publishing

Teaser [PDF] – The Duel – The Parallel Lives of A.Alekhine & J.R.Capablanca

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