CHESS Magazine - March 2020

Format: Printed Magazine


All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine and more! Regular features include: How Good is Your Chess? by GM Daniel King, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters..., Studies, Home & Overseas News, Forthcoming Events Calendar and Book Reviews.

In this issue:
  • Editorial - Malcolm Pein on the latest developments in the game
  • 60 Seconds with...Tania Sachdev - The Indian IM and WGM is a big fan of The Seven Deadly Chess Sins
  • Fabi gets on a Roll - Yochanan Afek watched Caruana’s first triumph at Wijk aan Zee
  • Another New Champion! - David Paravyan won a playoff to triumph at Gibraltar
  • Magical Majorca - Stephen Gordon always enjoys his visits to the Llucmajor Open
  • Augsburg Adventures - Carl Strugnell once again enjoyed a post-Christmas trip to Bavaria
  • Find the Winning Moves - Can you do as well as the players at Hastings and in the 4NCL?
  • At Last! Karpov-Fischer! - John Saunders saw Anatoly Karpov play Robert Fischer on the Rock
  • Endgame Masterclass - Jonathan Speelman presents a couple of instructive endings
  • Readers’ Letters - The longest decisive game without a single capture?
  • How Good is Your Chess? - Daniel King on rising star and man of the moment Alireza Firouzja
  • Never Mind the Grandmasters... - Carl Portman has been inspired by the late, great Emory Tate
  • An Introduction to Prophylaxis II - Jose Vilela continues to demystify this important concept
  • Wednesday 18th November 1964 - Geoff Chandler enjoyed a trip back in time with an old scorebook
  • Overseas News - Ju Wenjun narrowly retained her women’s world championship title
  • Home News - Weekend success for Joseph McPhillips and Jonah Willow
  • This Month’s New Releases - John Pigott takes a thorough look at Vigorito’s Playing the Najdorf
  • Saunders on Chess - John reflects on the success of the Gibraltar and Wijk chess festivals

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