Bishop Versus Knight Volume 2: The Eternal Battle with Other Pieces - Boroljub Zlatanovic



Bishop Versus Knight Volume 2: The Eternal Battle with Other Pieces
by Boroljub Zlatanovic

Endgames with bishops versus knights are one of the most frequently occurring in chess.

In his new endgame series, Boroljub Zlatanovic shows a profound understanding of the most common material imbalance in chess: that of the bishop against the knight. The didactic concept of the book is admirable as well as the detailed explanations of the typical characteristics of this endgame. Despite the importance of this subject, it has received very little detailed coverage in chess literature and this encyclopedic work will definitely fill this gap and offer a lot of useful tips for practical play.

The material is divided into four chapters, and two parts, depending if we have an endgame with queens or rooks on the board. In the book, you will find Capablanca’s famous postulate about the queen and knight cooperating better than the queen and bishop, and some exceptions as well.

The author has decided to use actual words instead of symbols to explain ideas, methods and plans. Boroljub thinks that it should be right in this computer era that is full of numbers, digits, etc. that words and sentences from the coach are simply irreplaceable to explain strategy and endgames.

ISBN 9789464201444, Paperback, 276 pages, Thinkers Publishing

Teaser [PDF] – Bishop versus Knight – The Eternal Battle with the Other Pieces– Volume 2

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