Monster Your Middlegame Planning Volume 2 - Efstratios Grivas



Monster Your Middlegame Planning Volume 2 - Efstratios Grivas
Monster Your Middlegame Planning Volume 2 by Efstratios Grivas

The second volume of the book follows the unique concept of the first one. The reader needs to solve practical exercises throughout the entire book in various important middlegame strategical topics in a testing format. According to the collected points after the solutions, he will also be able evaluate his current knowledge.

Strategic thinking and planning are two of the most important topics in chess. Grivas' teaching methods are well established and respected. This book will take your strategic skills and plan-making abilities to a higher level.

This book is aimed as training guide that will be helpful mostly to players in the 1500–2200 range — corresponding to a lower club level up to those with aspirations for a FIDE title. Of course, the book may well also be useful for players weaker than 1500, or for those stronger than 2200, but this is a decision these players should make for themselves!

ISBN: 978-615-5793-13-4, Paperback, Chess Evolution

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