2000 Chess Exercises Part 4: Chess Endings - Kostrov & Beliavsky



2000 Chess Exercises Part 4: Chess Endings - Kostrov & Beliavsky

Vsevolod Kostrov is a chess coach of the highest category. Author of more than 100 books and manuals on chess. Educational and methodical complex Kostrova (textbooks for children, reshebniki, workbooks) publishing house "Russian Chess HOUSE" became the Winner of the contest "Chess universal Education of Russia". These are the best chess books for children in our country today!

According to textbooks and problem books Kostrova engaged in a huge number young chess players who then win various tournaments, they become masters and grandmasters.

Part IIII: 2000 Chess Exercises. Chess Endings Tutorial. Chess endings.
1-2 rank, 1700-2000 Elo. 1-2 Klasse. In the last, the 4th “Chess exercises”, we collected the basic model positions of chess endings, which you need to know as the multiplication table. And so that it was not boring, they added interesting examples from the games of champions and amazing sketches of famous chess composers. In the endgame, the victory most often comes to the more experienced and knowledgeable. All world champions have repeatedly stressed the need to study the endings. V. Smyslov advises young chess players to pay special attention to the endgame. H.R. Capablanca believes that the ability to play the ending is a prerequisite for practical success. And “the grandfather of Russian chess” A. Petrov argues that to be able to play an endgame means to be able to play. We have no doubt that, having solved all the tasks from this book, you will love simple positions. And then build a chess "bridge", "square" and "ladder" will not be for you any difficulty. And at the right time - you will be able to drive the enemy into zugzwang. At the end of the game you will surely meet all the tactics studied in the first three books.

ISBN: 9785946937832, Softcover, 111 pages, Russian Chess House

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